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 Potato Engine Features! (Releasing Early Beta October 17th)

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PostSubject: Potato Engine Features! (Releasing Early Beta October 17th)   Sat Oct 17, 2009 8:33 am

Early Beta:

-Visual Inventory
-New item types
-Stats form
-HP, MP, SP and EXP bars
-Custom GUI
-Damage blits (maybe)
-Random damage
-Item description
-Spell description
-NPC name
-Editable files (Data.ini in Server, Config.ini in Client)
-HP, MP and SP bars below players
-Map editor in it's own form
-Player names not going off-screen
-Y-based sprite rendering
-Dynamic Sprites

Release date: October 17th 2009

Beta 1:

-Quest Editor
-Item sets
-Equipment form
-Mail system
-Spells with icons
-Two ways of encrypting data
-Male/female class sprites
-Multiple items dropped from NPCs
-Warning system
-Stop speedhacking
-More layers in mapeditor
-More attributes in map editor

Thanks to the members at Mirage Source forums for some of the codes I'm using.
Credits go to me for most of the coding.

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Potato Engine Features! (Releasing Early Beta October 17th)
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